Adademic CV

Curriculum Vitae


Born August 1, 1997. Canadian citizen.

Academic Background:

Honors. B.A. Honours Specialization in Philosophy, Practical Certificate in German and Italian. The University of Western, Ontario. Spring 2019. (In progress).


2015/2016 Dean’s List (82%) 2016/2017 Dean’s List (87%) (In progress).

Fellowships, grants and awards:

St. Thomas Aquinas Philosophy Bursary Award at Father Leo. J Austin Catholic Secondary School, 2015. (Final Examination Graded 100%; 96% Final Mark in Philosophy).


“The Ontic Foundation of Hope”, The Oracle: York University’s Undergraduate Philosophical Review. (Accepted for publication, Spring 2017).

“Theistic Explanations of the Ontology of Consciousness”, Discussions: Case Western Reserve University’s Undergraduate Research Journal XIII. I (2017): 17-23.

“A Teleological Argument: Cosmological Fine-Tuning, Facts and Explanations.” Semi-Colon: Western University’s Undergraduate Arts and Humanities Academic Journal IX.III (2015): 46-51.

“Pascal’s Wager: A Metaphorical Interpretation.” Semi-Colon: Western University’s Undergraduate Arts and Humanities Academic Journal IX.III (2015) (Accepted for publication, “A Teleological Argument” printed instead).

“Catholicism and Moral Philosophy”, The Slant: Fr. L.J. Austin CSS Newspaper I.0 (2015): 6.

Conference Papers and Other Academic Presentations:

“The Ontic Foundation of Hope: Kant’s Question and Pieper’s Answer to Sartre” York University’s National Undergraduate Conference, April 2017. (Oral Presentation).

“Consciousness, theism and explanation”. Western Student Research Conference (WSRC), Western University’s Undergraduate Multi-Disciplinary Research Conference, University of Western, March, 2016. (Oral Presentation).

“Phenomenological or Ontological Sameness over Time? A Critical Response to Natasha Germana’s “Experiencing Mortality” (2015)”, Undergraduate Philosophy Conference held by King’s College Philosophy Club, University of Western Ontario, April, 2016.

“Exploring the Foundations of Bioethics Philosophically”, Lecture to Lifeline University Club, University of Western Ontario, November, 2016.

“‘Sight’ in Platonic Metaphysics and Aristotelian Eudaimonia” (with Q&A), high school presentation to Grade 11 Philosophy Class, Father Leo J. Austin, December 19th, 2016.

Research Experience

Work Study

Work Study with Dr. Pietro Pirani in the field of Political Philosophy and Theology on the topic of τὸ κατέχον (katechon) contextually set in St. Paul’s 2nd Thessalonians 2: 6-7. Responsibilities included: Reading contemporary literature in the topic, editing Dr. Pirani’s formal essay on the subject (pending publication) and meeting ceteris paribus bi-weekly for discussions. Discussions included considerations of contemporary and historical thinkers, historical interpretations of katechon beginning with St. Augustine and moving on to, especially, contemporary Italian political philosophers i.e., Giorgio Agamben. Dr. Pirani’s research was presented at the Italian Political Philosophy Conference in March 2017, and I had the privilege of moderating it.

Western Student Research Conference

Research conducted in the Philosophy of Mind and Philosophy of Religion supervised by Dr. Pietro Pirani, Department of Political Science and Modern Languages and Literatures. The research, taking the form of a published research essay (see above for the reference) “Theistic Explanations of the Ontology of Consciousness” was thereafter presented at Western Student Research Conference (WSRC), an Undergraduate Multi-Disciplinary Research Conference, University of Western, March, 2016, under the title “Consciousness, theism and explanation.”


English (fluent)

Italian (intermediate level)

German (introductory level)

French (reading proficiency with dictionary).

Volunteer Experience and Interests:


Moderated Two Sessions at The Centre for Advanced Research in European Philosophy (King’s University College) and The Centre for the Study of Theory and Criticism (Western University) “New Italian Thought: Challenges and Responses” conference March 24 – 26, 2017. My responsibilities included introducing the philosophers and moderating the Q&A periods, manage time and conclude the session.    


This is my undergraduate blog (2015-2019) where I post (usually) formal essays which I have written for either publication, university classes, research conferences, personal research, et cetera. The topics explored revolve around philosophical theology, philosophy of religion and philosophy of mind.

Western Student Research Conference

Western University’s annual research conference. (2016-2017) Team Leader of the Research Team (executive position). Responsibilities: Overlooking progress of the research team, managing incoming abstracts with other members, contacting librarians to set up archiving academic essays received as well as contacting graduate students and professors to judge the oral and poster presentations.


Western University’s Pro-Life Club. Member (2015-2016) and VP Communications (executive position) (2016-17). Participated in bi-weekly meetings, participated in QA (Question Abortion) project and contributed to forwarding pro-life apologetics. Autism Awareness

Western University’s Autism Awareness Club; participated in meetings, London Santa Clause Parade and Winter Tubing Event (2015/2016).

Areas of Competence and Expertise:

21st and 20th century analytic philosophy of religion, ancient philosophy, philosophy of mind, natural theology, metaphysics, philosophical theology, 20th and 19th century existentialism. (All are interests as of now, not specializations).