This website is a place where my thoughts on philosophical and theological issues will be made concrete. I want to model what C.S Lewis has put very nicely: “Happy work is best done by the man who takes his long-term plans somewhat lightly and works from moment to moment ‘as to the Lord'” Thus, posts will range from projects I am currently working on to general thoughts on pressing contemporary and historical issues in philosophy and theology, respectively. This website is at once designed for posting my views, but it also my personal pursuit after truth. William Lane Craig’s statement in his Hard Questions, Real Answers helps to exemplify my pursuit: “For as Christians we believe that all truth is God’s truth, that God has revealed to us the truth, both in His Word and in Him who said, “I am the Truth.” (Craig 10). Thus, I understand my love of philosophy and theology (and philosophical theology) as a way in which I can pursue wisdom and insight into the fundamental nature of reality. Future plans for this blog are as follows:

(i) Blogging informally (on roughly similar topics) into Italian (done), Latin, Greek, French and German.
(ii) Conversations with Rashad: Video Podcasts Discussing Books, Debates and Other Biographical Videos (i.e., influential books, people, events and the like).
(iii) Video Book Readings and Whiteboard Notes (i.e., Introduction to Philosophy, Approaching Philosophical Texts i.e., Republic, et cetera).
(iv) An Introduction to Logic Series (using The Logic Book).

For those here reading this brief biographical note about myself, I would like to encourage you to engage with my work (should you choose to) in a kind, respectful manner and to ask sincere questions concerning my work and/or provide constructive/deconstructive criticism. Learning through philosophizing, in conjunction with sincere intellectual humility, is time well spent.



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