A Short Biography

I am currently a university student at Western University in Ontario. I intend to obtain a Hons. BA. with a Honors Specialization in Philosophy and a Certificate in German (or Italian); (as a brief note, my views do not necessarily coincide with, nor are a reflection of, the views of Western University). (As another side note, I’d like to be linguistically competent in French, Italian, German, Latin and Greek by the end of my undergraduate studies–leaving university with six languages (even at a basic level) will be immensely helpful in future philosophical studies and, as one of my teachers noted, talking to people who I would not have otherwise talked to via. the language barrier). With my BA, I intend to apply to a PhD (or MA) program in philosophy or philosophical theology and obtain a position as a university professor. My interests lie in philosophy, philosophical theology, intellectual history and literature. In philosophy, I am particularly interested in contemporary analytic philosophy of religion, metaphysics (particularly general ontology with particular interests in special metaphysics) as well as the philosophy of mind. In philosophical theology, I enjoy any question raised by philosophy to which a theological response can be given, and any question in theology to which–in part–a philosophical response can be given. My interest in intellectual history was borne of an essay I wrote in my first year of university for my European History class as well as Bryan Metcalfe’s PhD thesis “Pedagogy of Mythos”, where he took Hans Blumenberg’s perspective on the mythos/logos antinomy to systematically and historically show how socio-political myths erode, morally, contemporary educational institutions. His historical analysis, alongside his agreement with Blumenberg (who was an intellectual historian of some magnitude), helped me realize that alongside wrestling with concepts, it is fascinating to trace the development of philosophical thought throughout history. In addition, since I know almost nothing of literature, my developing interest has put Tolkein, Austen, Dostoevsky and C.S Lewis on my reading list (or at least on my bookshelf?). For fun, I recreationally (and in the past competitively) bike ride (bmx); I also enjoy swimming, landscaping and learning language. A couple fun academic facts about myself is that I want to read the corpus (probably) of Plato, Aristotle and Nietzsche (tentatively), as well as Alvin Plantinga, William Lane Craig and C.S Lewis’ books and read at least one author’s corpus in another language (probably Nietzsche or Pieper in German?).