Sloganeering and Self-Referential Incoherence

In this brief paper (I am not sure if it is even a paper), I want to go through some fun self-referentially incoherent concepts that have made their mark in philosophy, culture and everyday life. They matter in that many persons believe them regardless of their self-defeating nature (why, I am not sure). But, I want to share them for fun, and suggest that while many people might believe some of these propositions without realizing the contradiction, recognizing them might serve to eliminate the popularization of these views. I will list a few of these statements and ask for commentary in the comments:

  1. There is no truth <-This statement must be true for there to be no truth.
  2. Relativism is true <-Then this statement is relative, too, and says nothing of reality.
  3. Philosophy is dead <-This statement is itself a philosophy.
  4. Science is the only way to truth <-This statement is philosophical, not scientific.
  5. No sentence has meaning <-This statement has meaning.
  6. There is no self <- The utterance of this sentence required a self. [1]

In this (paper?) I have shown how many popularized slogans are plainly contradictory. Unless one accepts that they hold views which imply a contradiction, these statements should be abandoned.

[1] I did not footnote in this paper since these contradictions are common knowledge.


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